System Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC system can seriously prolong the life of your system. We recommend having your furnace and air conditioning system serviced annually. If you would like to have us service your A/C System or Furnace please feel free to contact us.

A proper furnace cleaning includes the following.

  • Cleaning the flame sensor.
  • Clean all drains on high efficiency furnaces.
  • Wiping out any dust in the system.
  • Cleaning the burners.
  • checking gas pressure using a manometer.
  • a visual inspection of the heat exchanger.
  • Inspection and change of air filter if necessary.
  • Inspection of all ductwork and electrical connections.

A Proper A/C System Cleaning Includes the Following

  • Washing out the A/C Condensing Coil.
  • Check and add refrigerant as needed.
  • Cleaning all indoor drains.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Check microfarad reading on capacitor to make sure it is within spec.
  • Check compressor for proper operation.
  • Oil all applicable fan motors.